Friday, October 27, 2017

"The Chosen" - by Michael 'Storm' Miller

On Yom Kippur, 5778 (2017), I invited Mr. Michael "Storm" Miller to speak from the bimah during our morning service. Mr. Miller is a business owner in Chester, PA. He is a war veteran, a father, an African-American, an entrepreneur, and a poet. This is a spoken-word poem that he delivered to our congregation. It is his own composition, recited from memory, and only ever written down when I asked to share it here. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts and reactions. Thank you.

The Chosen
Michael "Storm" Miller
Sometimes I wonder what this world would be without words
Nouns, syllables and consonants formed from moving lips but,
never heard
And the loudness of whispers that feel like pinched nerves
Shooting pain deep into my soul
And these rhymes that I spit is the only way to console the cold
Of darkness because I'm feeling so alone but,
In the silence of my solitude I start to realize
How can I be in life any more than what I aspire to be,
Knowing Damn well when you look at me you are going to see
What you want to see but, I can't let that bother me
You see, I've been blessed with the knowledge
That the real test of honor is not in how I die.....
But, in how I live
And as long as I captivate your ears, knowledge is mine to give
Yet, the thought of that scares me
You see, I don't want to fail you
I do not want to be the nickel on life’s railroad track
Eventually trying to derail you
That's not my forte, I'm not put together like that
You see.... If I get lost, who will become this shepherd’s keeper?
And I'm going to ask you this question without an answer
Because I know it's going to make my question that much deeper
And all the while I try to walk a straight path through this chaos
Knowing that many brothers before me took a shortcut
And some way...... Somehow...... They all got lost.
You know what?
I don't want to be your idol
I just want to be one man with an idea, who against all odds
Always keeps it real
And if that means that you elect to follow me
Because of the way I make love to my poetry
Then let that be
And if that means that an army raises up off these reverberations
Then we will be marking time across every country
And if that means one day, together, we can raise mountains
out of the Dead Sea..... Then follow me
Never forget that will give you only what you give it
Never forget, do not walk amongst your brothers and sisters
with your nose in the air unless, you’re smelling "IT"
Never Forget, true love will save your soul from heartache
And always remember the LORD gives man life
So it will never be yours to take
So every night I beg of you
Please fall to your knees and give thanks to the Most High
Pray for the strength to see the truth
Instead of being blinded by this world’s lies
And maybe, maybe if I'm humble enough in time
These words that I speak will be frozen
And you all can laugh at me now but, before the rain fell
No one believed Noah was the chosen 

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